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Our Company

Our Purpose | Why We Exist

We are the home for Coaches, Teachers and Swim Schools. A place where they belong, connect with others, advance their careers and feel empowered.

Our Value | What we do

Continuous improvement of Coaching and Teaching techniques and methodologies and Swim School operations to enable and inspire all participants and athletes to grow and develop.

Our Promise | How We Deliver

We are a voice for Coaches, Teachers and Swim Schools. We provide valuable resources and opportunities to learn, network and collaborate.

Envisioned Future

An island nation - and rich in aquatic opportunity and ability - Australia is globally recognised as the swimming nation, of water babies and world champions alike.

2020 sees over 1.5 million Australians annually, taking part in lean to swim lessons, at SWIM Schools Australia Registered Swim Schools.

Leading the way, SWIM Schools Australia, are renown for their world’s best practice and principles.

Unified in vision, this evolution has resulted from the unquestionable support of SWIM Schools Australia’s 1000-strong, network of swim schools, significantly raising the bar in learn to swim programs and education for all to benefit.

Drowning deaths are down by well over 40 per cent. Medical authorities report, swimming activity is of great benefit to the overall health and wellbeing of the nation. Educationalists are delighted more children are attending swimming lessons in their early years, aiding mental, social and physical advancements.

SWIM Schools Australia maintain their ongoing determination to produce a nation of safer, smarter, stronger swimmers.


Our Advantages

Who We Are

Operating as the Peak Industry Body for 600 Swim Schools, we have become the national authority on teaching swimming and water safety.

What We Do

We help in developing and empowering our swim school network through the delivery of world’s best practice guidelines, professional development programs, growth opportunities and business support

Our Vision

To present a fun, engaging, educational swimming experience that produces a nation of safer, smarter, stronger swimmers.

Our Mission

SWIM Schools Australia’s mission is to help all Australians become safer, smarter and stronger through swimming.